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What is Resume Haus?

Paper resumes dominate the job searching market, but you can't do much with them. No hiring manager will ever see your Microsoft Word resume and think "Wow, this is really well designed." And you might think, that's not the point of your resume - the point is the content and not how it looks. But really, think about it. If something is well built, we tend to spend more time with it and admire the actual content much more than something that is just thrown together. Still, you're pretty limited with an 8.5 x 11 inch sheet of paper. That's where we come in.

Resume Haus is a free service that specializes in allowing you to build and host high quality resumes that leverage the true power of the web to show off who you really are. We account for all different types of data you may want to show off, like blocks of text, education, work experience, skills, awards, interests, and literally anything you can think of. If it's on your current resume - it will look beautiful on your Resume Haus resume.

And most importantly, Resume Haus will be free forever, and gives you full control of your own content.

How does Resume Haus Work?

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